Sunday, January 21, 2007

Demo of the new WEB ;)

Well, now I pushed portion of Semantic Links directly to my blog (see SemanticLinks Demo section). What’s this? This is a catalog of innovations directly on my blog. And lots of other ideas can be implemented in the same manner ;). I’d like to tell how it works. Earlier I decided to create the catalog of innovations based on the Semantic Links engine. So I created several classes for this (I used Protege, but now I’m going to create own class designer). These classes are:
  • Catalog (the catalog itself). It contains only list of Topics and HeadTopics.
  • HeadTopic – is a simple class that visualizes a title and some html page as a description.
  • Topic – This lists innovation companies within some area (IT, Astronomy, etc…).
  • Provider (lets say innovation company). It contains all information about innovation company including:
    • List of projects with they descriptions (showcase)
    • Attributes of the company (address, phone, etc…)
    • Tags
  • Project – Just description of project.

Classes are depicted below:

After that I tuned look & feel for these classes. I just specified what widgets to use for attributes. For TopicList I specified MasterDetailWidget and specified Topics Attribute as a master list. ListWidget will be used to visualize and provide behaviors for Topics (and HeadTopics) list. The detail area stays empty. This will be loaded when some item selected in a master list.

I don’t want to describe all classes, but I’ll describe most complex class in my ontology: Provider. Provider contains 10 attributes and I specified widgets for them:

  • ImageWidget for ImageLabel attribute
  • LabelWidget for:
    • Title
    • Country
    • City
    • Email
    • SiteURL
  • TextWidget for Description
  • ListWidget for:
    • Phones
    • Showcase
    • Tags

Most of them are depicted below:

That and now I have a result that can be simply checked if you have IE browser. Just press button in the “SemanticLinks Demo” section (Right Top area of the blog). If you have Microsoft IE browser then you can play with it and see the results.

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