Monday, May 15, 2006

What the Semantic Links similar to

Hello, colleagues! Thank you for several comments. I'll try to make the goal of the project more clear. At the moment two parts of project exist: 1. The engine and the front-end widgetes that make it possible to visualize ontologies and process them 2. Currently developed ontology that realizes a catalog of innovations. Of course there a number of similar services: - google base - linkedin and of course realizations of FOAF ontology. Regarding linkedin and FOAF realizations. I'm using LinkedIn but as I see it can only process fixed ontology (that seems to be similar to FOAF). My goal is make an open environment for different custom ontologies and give a tools to create and process these ontologies. So I would prefer to compare the Semantic Links with the Google base. As I see Google base doesn't use any Semantic Web technique ( I trying to build the same thing on OWL.

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