Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Diving into the Semantic Web

Dear colleagues! This post starts my journal about the Semantic Links project (www.semanticlinks.net). In my journal I plan to tell about the project itself, about the Semantic Web technologies and about some development know-how connected to the Semantic Web techiques. For me it's really obvious that the Internet is going to be a great brain with lots of semantically linked resources and smart services (or agents) that can explore such resources. So I started the Semantic Links project to introduce an open area for placing and linking any structured information resources. What is Semantic Links for? Well, I’ll illustrate it with one example: The catalog can contain information about flights, transfer services and hotels. Planning your trip you can consult the planning service. This service will explore available information basing on the semantic links and compare it with your preferences. After that the service will advise you what flight to prefer, what transfer services and what hotels will be best for you. If those companies have Internet ordering services than you have a possibility to order everything in a moment. The main point here is that everybody should have a possibility to create his own information resources and introduce these resources into common semantic network for further semantic processing. I believe that the number of semantic services in the Internet will grow. So these services can utilize the Semantic Links to solve they tasks.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Dmitry, i am from Russia too and i learned Semantic Web very much (see my blog - http://dulanov.wordpress.com).

Excuse me, but your "The Semantic Links" project look unattractive, now. It doesn't bring any more than FOAF is.